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A sustainable energy company founded by 100% true Belizeans.


A 100% Belizean Team For Sustainable Renewable Belizean Energy Independence !!


Belize Wind Energy Ltd, a Belizean company, founded by local business people.


Belize Wind Energy Ltd possesses a team with extensive and proven experience in designing, constructing and successfully operating Solar and Wind Farms throughout Europe, the epicenter of the renewable energy industry. We will be implementing state-of-the-art technology in Belize.


The core team, Boris Mannsfeld, Frik De Meyere and Evan Cowo, already resides, works and invests in Belize and will remain in Belize managing this project. Financing for the entire project is already in place and the team is ready to move forward immediately upon approval and commitment from the GOB.



IW-Kracht is a private investor group from Europe with extensive international experience spearheading wind energy projects. They will actively participate in the project and their team is essential for the execution of the project. The skills and experience of this team that has executed several similar large-scale projects are an extremely valuable contribution to the success of this project. Ivo Van Vaerenbergh, the main person behind W-kracht, is the owner of BAVACO, Renewable Ventures and Renewable Ventures Fund. He is a well- respected investor in the European Renewable energy market. He is also a shareholder behind major banks and Aquafin, the main water distributor in Belgium. He has also completed several large-scale projects funded by the EIB (European Investment Bank ).



Mr. Mannsfeld possess over 20 years of experience in Belize in the real estate industry, is owner of various very successful real estate ventures in Belize, successfully developed real estate projects in the USA and maintains an extensive network of funding and talent in the USA, Canada and Europe. Mr. Mannsfeld is significantly involved in the Belize business, real estate, tourism and hospitality industries. He is a very enthusiastic ambassador of Belize and partakes in trade shows, seminars and other marketing venues around the world to promote Belize. Mr. Mannsfeld has personally invested millions of dollars in the Belize real estate and tourism markets and continues to remain very active. He and his family divide their time between Placencia and the USA..



Mr. Cowo is a Belize national living in Belize City. He is a well-respected person in the Belizean community. With his background as Chairman Progresso Village Council (1984- 1990), Consultant for Sight Savers International, Member of the Board of Governors for Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Director at the Inspiration Center and many more political engagements, he is well established in the Belizean political and business community and has an important role in guiding Belize Wind Energy Ltd through all the necessary steps to take from plan to operational phase.



Mr. De Meyere possesses extensive experience in a variety of international real estate projects, has spearheaded various company startups and maintains significant funding and alternative power contacts in Europe and beyond. Mr. De Meyere and his family moved to Placencia from Brussels, Belgium more then 10 years ago, and now reside permanently in Placencia, Belize. Mr. De Meyere is very active in the Belize real estate market and has a family with 3 beautiful Belizean kids 



Belize is blessed with a strategic location that should be ideal for the generation and distribution of Solar and Wind power. Belize not only has the land, sun and wind readily available but also the proximity to Mexico and International networks. 


Belize Wind Energy, Ltd in collaboration with the Government of Belize will position Belize globally as the first country that will be 100% powered by renewable energy (hydro, bio-fuel, solar & wind). Belize will also emerge as the global role model of how even a small nation can rid itself of dependency on foreign regimes in order to supply its own people with simple electricity.


Significantly important is the fact that the price of solar and wind power is not dependent on the global commodities market so the GOB will be able to offer its residents stables long-term pricing.



Several proposals are under review.


Detailed updates will follow soon



Frik De Meyere


Mobile: (501)610-1223

Skype: Frik.De.Meyere

Boris Mannsfeld


Mobile: (501)610-0294

Skype: Boris.Mannsfeld

Evan Cowo


Phone: (501)223-4579


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